Meeting The Bawse: Lilly Singh

A little over a month ago I had the privilege of going down to Chicago with my little sister Katelyn to meet Lilly Singh.  For those of you who don't know who that is, Lilly is a Youtuber who makes comedy videos and she is an inspiration to many.  She goes by the name iiSuperwomanii on... Continue Reading →


Depression Is My Best Friend

Hello everyone! This past weekend my sisters and I hosted a girls retreat at our church.  We taught lessons about all kinds of mental illnesses like eating disorders, anxiety, and depression.  Having experienced depression, I decided to share my story within my lesson.  It was a lot harder to write out and share this story... Continue Reading →

What I Learned at Community College

Two years ago I walked into orientation at my community college absolutely hating the fact that I had to be there.  I put on a fake smile and took my student ID picture while accepting the fact that I would be attending this school for 2 years.  I was bitter that I could not attend... Continue Reading →

Be-YOU-tiful World: Nana

Hello everyone! It has been quite some time since I have written a Be-YOU-tiful World post.  However, here I am with another installment. If you are unsure of what this series is, let me explain.  Last December, my sister challenged me to find the beauty in the world no matter where I land.  I decided... Continue Reading →

Hello, Old Friend

One of my friends has come back to visit me. She really wasn't ever the best friend for me, considering she often sent me into panic attacks and always left me doubting myself and everyone around me, but she makes me feel whole. Not to mention, she was one of my most loyal friends the first year of college. Her name is Depression.

My Thoughts: Inauguration Day

Before I start, I do not claim to know that much about politics.  Admittedly, I should put in the effort to learn more but I haven't ever made the time to learn.  Secondly, this is not meant to come across as a bash to President Trump or to Hillary Clinton or to anyone who supports/supported... Continue Reading →

Coffee Dates: Traffic

Hello all! You may want to put your coffee in a travel mug for this one because we are going on a little road trip.  Don't worry.  We aren't going too far.  Just to the next fork in the road.  (You'll understand why I used that by the end.) This weeks prompt: What traffic sign... Continue Reading →

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