#LondonLove : A Recap of Europe Adventures (Part 1)

This past week I had the privilege to travel to Europe and explore the cities of London and Paris with my grandmother.  Whilst away on our trip, I took to writing down our experiences so that I could ensure that I would remember every little detail about it and not leave anything out while telling all of my friends and family the stories.  Now, of course, I do have a brain that was taking snapshots the entire time we were there, but writing also helped me process the craziness that was this week of travel and is making me realize how happy I am/was to have been able to go to Europe.

So, now.  For the stories.  There isn’t really any rhyme or reason to how I split up the days.  It’s just kind of when I started writing I would go until I was bored so that’s how these posts will be split up.  Also, still very jet lagged so anything I post that is written weirdly, or just doesn’t make sense, I will hopefully catch it when I am not completely delirious and trying my hardest to stay awake and get back on a “normal” schedule.

Final disclaimer.  Most everything you are about to read is word for word what I actually wrote in my journal.  There are however parts that could have been removed or added depending on me either remembering stories better a week later or because some stories are just personal for other people and don’t need to be shared on the internet.  🙂

May 28-May 29, 2016

Traveling to London has been one of the most amazing, thrilling adventures I have ever been on.  I know I am only nineteen, but I guarantee I will remember this trip for the rest of my life.  The culture here is so amazing, the food is delectable and everyone is just so polite.

I think being respectful and polite is something that is taught from day one here.  It is shown in subtle things they do all around the city that prove this to be true for me.  Instead of having signs that say “yield”, they say “give way”.  In the tube station they always remind you to “mind the gap between the train and the platform” rather than saying “watch your step” as we do in America.

This happened to be a t-shirt.  However, the politeness never ceases.

Overall, they just say things in a more polite and respectful way than Americans would.  While riding on a bus today, I saw a children’s clothing store that was called “Please Mum”.  1)How adorable is that? and 2)proof that yet again, being respectful and polite is something that is instilled in the English from day one.  As the days went on, I was blown away by how respectful and polite everyone was being.  When I got back to the states and people weren’t as polite all the time, I was immediately appalled.  The luxuries of staying in a polite country for a week.

On May 28 (Saturday) we had an UBER long travel day.  We flew from Michigan to Chicago and then our flight from Chicago to London was delayed for over an hour.  That doesn’t sound like a long time but we already had a 3 or 4 hour layover so this made for an extra long layover wait.  However, I do think the actor who plays Marshall in HIMYM was on our flight!  I cannot be 100% certain, but he flew first class, his posture when he stood looked a lot like his and from the sounds of it, I think he had his voice?  Who knows.  I could have just been hoping it was him so I could say I’ve flown in the same plane as a celebrity.

Anywho, upon arrival on the 29th June, 2016, Grammer (my name for my grandmother) was a hot mess.  She had taken some sleeping pills halfway through the flight and she was having the hardest time coming out of it.  I compared how she acted to the way my sister acts when she has night terrors.  In the middle of the night, she will have seemed to get up and she will be holding conversation with you pretty well but when she wakes up in the morning she will never recall talking to you or having nightmares, or anything of that sort.  That is exactly what happened to Grammer.  Except, instead of it being in the middle of the night when she couldn’t get out of her weird sleep, we were trying to go through customs and get our luggage and exchange money and get a cab to take us to our hotel…  Needless to say, I did as much of the talking as possible and tried to let Grammer sit down and rest while everything was taken care of for her.

Moving on.  After talking to two very patient gentlemen for almost 40 minutes, we called a cab to bring us to our hotel room.  I automatically fell in love with London.  On our drive through the suburbs of London, I saw so many fantastic houses made of brick and they had the half brick/half siding look that I love.  They were all just so quaint.  I wanted to go and purchase one as soon as possible.

When we made it to our hotel, I was blown away.  It is such a quaint little hotel.  SUPER pretty with very polite employees.  Our room wasn’t ready, but they did let us freshen up in the downstairs bathrooms.  If only you could’ve seen how ratchet we looked.  Super dark circles under our eyes, greasy hair.  We were hot messes.

After freshening up, we then headed straight out into London to start exploring.  We went to Madame Tussaud’s wax museum.  Let me tell you, that felt unreal.  I knew I would see Zoe and Alfie there (they are British youtubers) because of their blogs that I watch but I didn’t realize how many other people there would be.  I saw Robert Pattinson, Jennifer Lawrence, Einstein, One Direction, Beyonce and much, much more.  It was so cool to see!  I also made sure to put in the request for Pentatonix to be made into wax figures.  🙂 (You can’t pass up the opportunity to fangirl even when you are on vacation.  Haha)

Van Gogh


Audrey Hepburn


Zoe and Alfie

Also, side note.  I started learning how to use the tube on Sunday, and I think I learned rather quickly.

Moving on, for dinner on Sunday night, we went to this place called Ask Italian.  It’s a cute restaurant near our hotel and it is where I had my first glass of alcohol.  (Yes, I am completely legal to be drinking in the UK if you were wondering.  My grandma would not let me drink if I wasn’t.)  I got a cup of Rose which let me tell you, is delicious.  (I wrote this before trying other types of alcohol.  Rose is still good wine, but I think I prefer the fruity drinks over the wine.  Haha)  The food we got was amazing as well.  The garlic bread was to die for and I got a carbonara that tasted amazing.

Yes.  The classic picture of me and my first drink…

We then finally went back to the hotel and, after face timing family, I crashed.

Well, that is it for now.  There will be plenty more stories to come but this post was already super long and I didn’t want to write a novel for the first post.

Until next time my friends,



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