#LondonLove : A Recap of Europe Adventures (Part 3)

Hello again beautiful people!  Here is Part 3 of #LondonLove: A Recap of Europe Adventures!  If you haven’t read Part 1 or Part 2, you should be able to find them by either simply scrolling down until you find them or there are links to them in the sidebar.  It isn’t necessary to read them before you read this part, but I think the stories are fun to read.  🙂  I may be a little biased though.

Anyways, without further ado, here is what happened on Tuesday.

May 31, 2016

Wow.  So many amazing things have happened this past week.  I am writing this on the plane ride back to America and getting to relive the experiences is making a sad day turn into a little happier one.

Side note: When I originally wrote this, I was almost in tears.  I was so heartbroken to leave London. But, there will be more talk about that later on I’m sure so, back to the regularly scheduled programming.

I truly did fall in love with London and Tuesday, May 31st, 2016 was one of my favorite days.

Our day started off by leisurely getting up and having breakfast in bed and then getting ready ever so slowly.  Our breakfast was a feast too!  I ordered a traditional English breakfast and it came with bacon, sausage, grilled tomatoes, sautéed mushrooms, and poached eggs.  Oh yeah!  Almost forgot the baked beans that came with it as well.  I know what you’re thinking.  1) That is way too much food!  I don’t think I ever finished all the food that came to our room any morning we ordered breakfast in.  On the tray there was also all kinds of breads, fruit, yoghurt, coffee, orange juice, cornflakes, and assorted meats and cheeses.  When I say feast, I mean feast.  2) Beans for breakfast?  Yes!  And that completely changed my perspective on breakfast foods and I want them again!  I haven’t requested this yet while I’ve been home, but I really want my dad to make me poached eggs and baked beans for breakfast soon.  And maybe throw in the sautéed mushrooms as well.  Those were amazing!

Our feast of a breakfast.  I don’t even think you can see all the food in this picture.

Oh man!  That french press coffee was really good too!  After breakfast, we slowly decided what we wanted to do for the day.  We went down to the concierge and had him book tickets to Thriller for Thursday night.  We also got tickets to Tower of London and got to have a lovely chat with him.  I wish I wrote down his name though.  He was there almost every day of our trip and he seemed to be genuinely interested in talking to us about our experiences.  Again, the politeness in England just astounded me.  [Reference back to part 1 if you want an entire essay about how polite England is.  ;)]

Anyways, we made it to Tower of London and I honestly loved it so much.  There was so much history there.  I learned a ton, fell in love with the architecture, and decided that I would’ve loved being a princess in 17th century England.  I mean, the Tower of London was basically just a fortress built to intimidate those coming into the city, which it did.  It was heavily armed with soldier’s to protect the city from invaders.

Outside Tower of London.  The stone columns are part of the Tower of London.  Behind it, what is technically across the river, is all of the modern buildings.  I thought seeing the history thrown in with modern day buildings was so cool.

I believe this chapel was Henry VIII’s chapel where he was mysteriously murdered.  The second picture here is the entrance to the  room.  In the left hand corner there is a window with a big ledge that I thought would be the perfect reading nook now.

Someone carved this out of ivory in the 1200’s.  Isn’t that crazy?  It wasn’t very big either.  Maybe 4″x4″?

This was the armor that the horses and Henry used in battle.  There was a couple rooms dedicated to different kings and their lives and how their armor changed throughout the years.

In front of Tower Bridge.  I was standing in the inner wall of the Tower of London.

This picture was taken mainly for my sister because she love elephants.  But, I also thought this was really cool.  It’s hard to see from far away, but the elephant is made of wire rolled around itself, sorta?  It kind of looked like wire mesh.  That’s kind of a weird way to describe it but it’s the best kind of visual I can try and give you.  The second picture is the actual explanation of the elephant and why it was there.  

We literally stayed at Tower of London for hours.  We went on a few different audio tours, saw the royal jewels, had a coffee and snack in their cafe and then went to the gift shop.

At the gift shop, we found cards to write for family and friends as well as some cute gifts for friends and a cold chess set for my brother.

After our adventure in Tower of London we went to a Starbucks to get wifi and coffee for Grammer.  Let me tell you, while away, wifi was our best frenemy.  It was so hard to find places that had strong enough wifi that we could attempt talking to our family or find out where we were going.  I had a London tube app that helped us out so much when we were trying to figure out how to get places, but it only worked with wifi, so we rarely got to use it.  However, after getting strong wifi (yay!) we decided that we wanted to go to Harrod’s and have a look around.  Is is a very large department store (may be the largest in London?  or the world?  I’m not sure…  I feel like that couldn’t have been the largest department store in the world though…)  There, I found a book for my littlest sister and I got Alfie Deyes’s newest book for myself. (Alfie is a British youtuber that I have watched for a couple years now and I have his first two books as well so that’s why I deemed that important enough to tell. Haha)  I also found a card for my mom that says “Happy Birthday Mummy!  I love you!”  or something similar to that.  I basically liked it because it said “mummy” instead of “mommy” but, it was her birthday that day anyway, so it was appropriate for me to buy her and give to her when I got back.

We got to Harrod’s pretty late in the day so we just went home after that and Facetimed family.  We got to say “happy birthday” to Mom and talk to all our family members.  🙂

Then we went to bed so that we could be ready for our early adventure in the morning.

And that is Part 3.  Wow.  That day was such a fun day.  I love reliving that day in my memories.  I hope you all enjoyed the stories as well.  The next part is exciting too because it’s the day we went to Paris!  Stay tuned for that!!!!

Until next time my friends,



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