#LondonLove : A Recap of Europe Adventures (Part 6)

Hello everyone!  So, this is the sixth and final part of #LondonLove! Finally, I know.  I ended up taking a lot longer to write these than I expected.  But, if you have read any of these adventure stories, I just want to thank you.  It’s not like I have a popular blog or anything, but I love seeing that even 60 people have read my post!  If you haven’t read the other #LondonLove posts and you want to parts 1-5 are linked in the sidebar.

Without further ado, here is the last full day in London and traveling home to America.

June 3-4, 2016

Wow.  It’s the last day.  The week went by so fast and I know I’m going to miss London so much.  On the morning of June 3rd, 2016 we woke up to go and watch the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace.

Wow!  That was so much fun to see.  I mean, there were people cluttered everywhere because of course they do this once a day and it’s almost like a parade to bring them into work, but we also expected it so the crowds didn’t really faze us this time.

After watching the changing of the guards, we had to finish up our shopping for souvenirs for some family.  Which, I still feel kinda bad about because when I got home I realized I didn’t get anything for my dad really, and I got my mom M&M’s from M&M World that said “Happy Birthday” because I missed her birthday while I was gone.  I got so much for each of my siblings and like nothing for them.  I still feel awful about that 3 weeks later.

While on our shopping adventures we had to hit up Wagamama’s one more time.  We loved that food so much and we hung out in Victoria a lot so it made sense to go back there again.  We also had to hit up a starbucks to buy some mugs because multiple friends requested I bring them home a mug. (They paid me back if you think I’m just a pushover who will do anything my friends want.  I am generous, but also have tons of friends who asked for mugs.)

We then went back home for our routine afternoon nap and prepped for the show we were going to see that night. And, this show, I was so excited to go and see.  We went to see – wait for it Mrs. Vanhekken – Les Miserables.  Ever since I had to read that book for AP Lit last year, I have fallen in love with this story.  I watch the movie often, I’ve seen it live twice now, and both times it has made me fall in love with the story even more.  The actors and actresses in this specific production weren’t as good as the show I saw in Indiana.  However, when they all sang the final song together, it moved me to tears, just like it always does.

After the show we went to TGIF, because being in Europe, we had to go to such an American restaurant.  Although, I did have a really good raspberry margarita while I was there, so I won’t complain about our choices all too much.  That night we stayed out as long as we dared without having to miss the last tube of the night.  We knew we were going to miss London, and I was not ready for the night to end.

Alas, the night did end.  And the next morning we had to pack up to go.  We got breakfast delivered to our room one final time and I got really emotional packing everything up and having to say goodbye to our hotel room.  I know, that seems so stupid but I really didn’t think I would fall in love with London so much.

Traveling home was so sad.  I can’t even lie.  Leaving Europe, I didn’t even want to go home to Michigan.  Like I’ve said in these blogposts, London quickly became a home for me.  I cried a little on the plane when I was writing all of these posts in my journal, I get sad sometimes now a few weeks later randomly just missing London.  Of course, I put on my London jacket every time I start feeling that way and it helps me feel a little better.  (I’m a nut case.  I know.)  Who would have ever thought you could get attached to a place so quickly?

Anyway, the travel home was uneventful really.  Of course, one thing I remember vividly sitting in the airport in North Carolina was, I was just 4500 miles away from my family and friends for an entire week.  How did I do that and not miss them like crazy?  Granted, you can see with how busy I was that it wasn’t really a problem.  The fact that I could FaceTime my family every day also helped.  It didn’t seem like they were that far away from me.

All that to say, once I was back in America, I really wanted to just be home.  I loved being able to hug my family, pet my dogs, and give them all of their souvenirs.  I have also started planning a trip for next summer to go back, so I guess you could say being home is only temporary.

Thank you all for who read #LondonLove.  I have loved being able to relive these moments while writing them.

Until next time my friends,



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