#LondonLove : A Recap of Europe Adventures (Part 5)

Hello again lovelies!  If you’ve been keeping up with my stories from Europe, thank you.  It’s been fun watching how many people are reading my posts!  So, without further ado, here is part 5 of my Europe Adventures.  (Parts 1-4 are linked in the sidebar.)

June 2, 2016

The morning of June 2, 2016 we woke up to getting breakfast delivered to our room for the second time in the week.  Once again, breakfast was an absolute feast!  We slowly got up and got ready, still exhausted from our travels the day before, and then made our way out into the city.

We decided that we would go to see Big Ben and the London Eye.  That was most definitely a fun time.  I loved getting to see those sights.  And the London Eye was so cool to go up in and see the city.

Fun fact: When we went to see Big Ben we were really confused because we weren’t sure if we had made it to the right place because there was almost no one there, and it was never really marked anywhere that we were at Big Ben.  However, I have had it confirmed that we did in fact take pictures in front of Big Ben and not just some random clock.  Haha

In this picture, you can see Big Ben across the Thames from the view in the London Eye.
It was so cold when we went there that I had to buy a jacket and sweatshirt.  Word to the wise, if you go to London pack tons of layers!  No matter what season it is.
This is the view from the other side of the London Eye.  I can’t tell you everything you’re looking at, regardless, the view is still stunning.

After the London Eye, we left pretty quickly.  It was overcrowded and freezing.  To warm up, we decided to go and try Nando’s which I had heard of because of British youtubers that I watch.  It was in Victoria and they are basically a chicken place.  But not like crappy McDonald’s chicken nuggets, real, fresh chicken that is cooked to perfection.  I got a spicy chicken sandwich and Grammer got a salad without the dressing on the side (which she never does) and we both loved our food!  I would highly recommend going there as well if you can.

Fun fact #2: When you go to Nando’s they give you a table but to order you have to go up to the counter to order.  Grammer and I did not know this of course, and so we sat for almost 20 minutes at the table before I started looking around and realizing what was happening.  Also, a really nice lady could tell we were confused and helped us out.  Haha

Moving on, after Nando’s we had some time to kill and no plans.  The previous night I had skyped my family and told them how we got macaroon’s.  When they heard that, they begged me to bring some home.  So, Grammer and I went back to Harrod’s to get some macaroon’s.  The macaroon’s that we got to bring home were all filled with a form of chocolate ganache and when we got home and I got to try one, they were amazing!

After Harrod’s we went back to our hotel for our afternoon nap.  Near the end of our trip that became an absolute necessity just so we could make it through the rest of the day.

That night, we went to see Thriller.  This show was basically to honor Michael Jackson and his career.  It was a very different show from any other show I’ve gone to see.  It seemed very amateur compared to Wicked and Les Miserables (the other two shows we saw while we were there).  It was still entertaining to go to, but I don’t think I would highly recommend it if you were looking for one amazing show to go to while in London.

However, we were in Soho for that show and I was really hoping we would find “Crumbs and Doilies” which is a bake shop there, but I never found it.  I don’t know if I was ever looking in the right direction, or if I was really in the right place, but when I go back, I will definitely be looking for it.  (I know, this is really great content for my adventures. :P)

After Thriller we went out to dinner at nowhere else than Bubba Gump’s London.  There, we had the NICEST waiter.  I originally ordered a specialty drink that sounded good and he had to come back and tell us that they were all out of some of the ingredients and asked if I wanted something else.  I asked him what he would recommend considering I know next to nothing about alcohol and he told me about Lt. Dan’s Pomegranate Punch.  Let me tell you, his recommendation was superb.  I loved that.

The waiter and I also may have flirted throughout the entire meal.  We had lovely conversation and at one point he cracked a joke and accidentally sprayed me with some cleaner that he had in his hands.  (He said he accidentally did it.  My grandma would beg to differ.  I think I should give him the benefit of the doubt, but I could be biased.)  When he accidentally sprayed me with the cleaner he was like “Oh no!  I’m so sorry!” and gave me a hug and then wiped some of it off my face.  Hence, why my grandma is not convinced it was accidental.  Either way, I was fine with how that night worked out.  That is, until later in conversation he was like, “my girlfriend and I…” and I kid you not, I probably deadpanned right there.  I mean, his job is to be nice to the customers, but I have never had a waiter be that openly flirty.

Anyway, that was the end of our little adventure in Bubba Gump’s with the really cute, flirty waiter.  We then went back home and skyped our family and then passed out knowing we had only one more day left in London.

Until next time my friends,



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