Time is a weird concept

Growing up, time always went by slowly.  A 24 hour day seemed to last 48, a week was a month, etc.  Anything past 8 p.m. was the middle of the night.  7 a.m. was a normal time to wake up.  Sleeping in a long time was 8.  I thought that I would never graduate high school because time would move so slow.

In middle school, time started to move quicker.  Sports started, dance was my life, and 9 pm was the new late.  9 am was starting to look like a nicer time to wake up.  But yet, high school couldn’t come fast enough.  I wanted to have my first kiss, have my own car and license, and be free from the grip of my parents.

High school came and went so quickly.  24 hours now feels like 10.  A year happens in a day.    There is no such thing as a late night.  Time is just a number.  I could be up until 10 p.m. or 3 a.m. and there is no difference.  Sleeping in until noon would be nice but is impractical.   All the things I wanted as a young child have come true.  I have a car.  I am a leader in the youth community.  I have graduated high school. I am going to college. I have had my first kiss.  I have even run into trouble a few times.  I have a job.  I’m a manager.  There is no time for fantasizing what the future looks like without the worry of how to pay for it all.  

When I was young, growing up and having time move faster was all I ever wanted.
Now that I have grown to be a mere 18, I wish it would all slow down.  I love where I am but life moves at the speed of light.  No one slows down, they just push you faster.  

Why does everything have to happen instantaneously?  Why can’t we stop and smell the roses more often?  What’s wrong with the old way of doing things?  

Maybe we should stop worrying about being busy.  Maybe we should think like a child.  Let time slow down and let our imaginations run wild.  

Until next time my friends,



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