Coffee Dates – Music

Hello everyone!

I wanted to write a quick little blurb to you all before I got into this blog post.  Typically, I use my blog for rants, the occasional sappy message to friends and/or family, or as a diary to help me remember moments I want to remember.  Although I don’t usually lack inspiration in these areas, I get tired of writing those things from time to time.  In order to change up the flow a little bit, I decided to start a new series called “Coffee Dates”.  I purchased a few books filled with random prompts that will start fictional short stories or have me draw off of life experiences.

I just thought this might be fun and a little something different for a change.  Feel free to tell me what you think, and if you ever want to respond to the prompt as well, I would love to hear your thoughts or experiences in the comments!  Until then, grab a cup of coffee and let’s discuss.

The first prompt:

Write about a song and the memories or feelings it evokes in you.

Music is one of those things that I am completely in love with.  Music is what helps calm me down, get me excited, cry, laugh, etc.  Picking just one song for this is quite difficult; however, I am going to go with the first song that popped into my head when I read this prompt.

Cheerleader, covered by Pentatonix, originally performed by OMI.

When Pentatonix first released this, I had just started my freshman year of college.  I remember the day that it was released.  It was extremely sunny outside and unusually warm for the week we were having.  I had just recently started listening to their music, and this was the first time that I was listening to new music of theirs right after it was released.

I excitedly clicked on the youtube video and was not prepared for how amazing their voices sounded.  It is safe to say, this was the spark that started my obsession for Pentatonix, although I wouldn’t consider myself to be a Pentaholic until a couple months after their original album released.

Anyways, the music.  As soon as Mitch started singing the opening notes I was in love.  The arrangement was beautiful and the idea of acapella music was still rather foreign to me, which meant I was captivated by how a band of 5 people could create such an intricate and full sounding song.  When it came to the breakdown section and Kevin was singing notes and beatboxing at the same time, I was blown away.  I didn’t believe that he could really be doing that.

Now, over a year later, this song still holds so many memories for me.  Whenever I put this song on, I automatically smile and think of my best friends.  Specifically, I think of my friend, Lauren.  I declared this song as “our song” one night when I was listening to this and every line reminded me of her.  Now, I will often snapchat her, text her, or occasionally call her when our song comes on and tell her I am missing her, because that is always true.

This song is also one of the songs that I can put on and it calms me down immediately because of the happy memories I have associated with it.  A lot of Pentatonix songs calm me down, especially when I am having a particularly stressful or anger-filled day.  Over the past couple days I have been listening to all of their music on shuffle and it’s crazy how each song can evoke just a little different emotional response in me, yet every song never fails to calm me down when I am having an anxiety attack or cheer me up when I am going through a bout of depression.

What about you all?  What is a song that evokes memories or emotions within you?  I can’t wait to hear what you all have to say!

Until next time,



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