A Pentatonix Weekend – VIP

Fair warning.  This post will probably be boring to many people, but I wrote it strictly for my memory.  However, this could also be for anyone who is a Pentaholic who is interested in what another person’s VIP experience was like, or maybe for anyone who just wants to read about me fangirling.  Anyways, on to the post.

Sunday, November 6, 2016:

I woke up this day to feelings of anxiety and excitement.  Today was the day I had been looking forward to for months and I could not believe it was here.  I, along with my sisters, woke up super early.  We were all extremely excited about the coming events of the day.  We leisurely got up and got ready for the day, ate breakfast, and just tried to take our time and not worry about what was going to happen later that night.

Around 10am we headed out to go to the Holocaust Memorial Center in Detroit.  We all were interested in learning more about this particular subject and, in my case, it was something that would pass time more quickly than sitting in a hotel room playing apples to apples all day.

By 1 pm we were back in our hotel room, getting ready for the concert.  We enjoyed our time, asking random questions to each other as we got ready, playing apples to apples, singing, and as the time came closer to the time we were leaving, we all started getting a little worried and anxious.  At 3:45 we left the hotel, excited for what lay ahead.

I lined up for VIP at 4 o’clock and immediately, my mind was calmed.  Being surrounded by fellow Pentaholics evokes feelings that is hard to explain.  All in a moment, you know you are accepted, no matter who you are.  Pentaholics are all so genuinely kind to one another and we get so happy for each other when another is recognized by a band member in VIP.  We also all freak out together.  None of us could keep our chill the entire time.

The VIP package I got was meet&greet which allows you a photo op with the band, a “signing” session per say, and access into their soundcheck.  Before the band came into the photo op, I was a complete mess.  My brain was going a million miles an hour, I couldn’t choose which two members I wanted to stand in between, and I was almost in tears.  I knew I was about to meet my favorite band and they have been what helped me calm down or cheer back up on my worst days battling depression.

When they walked into the room, I didn’t even know what to think anymore.  I don’t know how many of you all have ever been to a wax museum, but I swear, they looked like they were wax figures.  There is no way they could have been real because they all looked perfect.

For the photo op, you have to go around this little corner to actually see them and get your picture taken.  Avi was the first one I saw and I have always been a fan of his, but my love for him immediately grew.  He had the nicest smile, and he looked literally perfect.  There was not a hair out of place.  I said hi, of course, and I’m sure they said hi back but I honestly can’t remember anything.  I was so shell-shocked that I was actually standing not even a foot from my favorite band.

Then I walked in between Kirstie and Scott for my picture and they put their arms around me.  And just like that, the photo was over.   I said thank you and walked past Mitch and Kevin to grab my stuff and to go back in line for the signing opportunity.  As I walked past Mitch and Kevin, I totally forgot to look at Mitch.  Maybe half because she is one of my favorites and she intimidates me and I was nervous I would embarrass myself; maybe because I was just so shell-shocked that Scott had his arm around me; I’m not entirely sure, but I regret not looking at her and telling her she looked amazing.  However, when I walked past Kevin he gave me a little awkward “hello” wave and I tried to say hi back but I couldn’t find my voice for the life of me.

Me and PTX.jpg

Once we got back in the room for the signings, we had to wait for them to come around the photo op curtain and sit down.  Before they were supposed to come around, Kevin tried to come over early and then shocked himself when he saw us all standing there waiting for him.  He kind of awkwardly shuffled backwards and said, “oops.  Let’s try this again.” We laughed and then waited a couple more minutes for the band to come over.

Once the signing opportunity started, I became nervous again.  I didn’t know what I wanted to say to each of them.  With Kevin, we had the usual, “how are you doing” convo and then I gave him his letter along with the group letter my sister wrote to PTX.  Then, was Mitch and Scott.  They asked me how I was doing and I, of course, answered with I’m amazing right now but beyond saying that I had a letter for each of them, words would not come to my head.  What are you supposed to say to people who are literally gorgeous and sing perfectly and have everything amazing going for them?

Next was Kirstie.  When I got to her I had started gaining a little confidence to speak to them as if they were my friends and I told her that she looked gorgeous (which of course she did, but when does she not?  I couldn’t have thought of something better to say?).  Then I gave her her letter and she looked at it for a second and she told me that she liked my handwriting and that honestly, meant so much.  Even if it was just a little compliment, the Kirstin Maldonado, who is gorgeous and has way better penmanship than me, complimented my handwriting.

A/N: On Monday as I was sitting in class taking notes, I was writing and the one thing I thought was “Kirstie likes my handwriting”.  Honestly, the littlest compliments can make the biggest difference in someone’s day.

Finally, was Avi.  And, thanks to Nicole and the other Avi’s Peeps, I have slowly been turning into an Avi girl, but yesterday really did help that process along.  He said hi to me and his voice was so low.  I tried to say hello but my brain just went straight from trying to say hi to stuttering and then going “oh my gosh.  Your voice!  I love it!”  I, Aly Rosema, freaked out over Avi’s voice.  How unoriginal and stupid of me to do IN FRONT OF HIM!  Sure, when I’m with friends or something that is fine, but not in front of him!!!!  He laughed though and thanked me even though I totally embarrassed myself.  At least one good thing came from that.

After the signing, we waited in line to go to soundcheck.  As we were walking in, I saw Kate (their assistant manager) with the phone they use to snapchat during the concerts and I said hey to her and just so happened to make it onto PTX’s snapchat!

This picture is a screenshot of a video that I got from a friend.  All that to say, sorry for the blurriness of the picture.

Although this sounds stupid, it was a life goal of mine that I accomplished, even if it wasn’t because I was beanbag girl.

During soundcheck, they sang Run to You and Kevin got really confused during the song and it was funny to watch.  What was even cooler to watch was when he and Kirstie recovered together and figured out the background parts.  We all cheered for them when that happened.  They also didn’t know which key the song was in at first, and we almost didn’t get to hear it because they weren’t sure if they remembered it well enough to sing it.

After their song, we got a little q&a time.  People asked pretty standard questions, although for some reason one of the things I didn’t know before this was their favorite songs from their original album.  Don’t ask me after how involved I am in this fandom, I didn’t know that.  I honestly don’t know.

At the end of soundcheck, we had one last photo opportunity as an entire group and then I was off to the races for VIP with Us the Duo.

I am in the back on the right hand side.  You see Abi’s drum set?  Look a little to the left and you can see my head peeping through.  😉

Us the Duo was one of the opening bands for Pentatonix on Sunday night and this past year I have really grown to love their music.  When I got there, Emily, my sister, was already there and had taken a photo with them.  When it was our time to get our merch signed, they asked me how it was meeting Pentatonix and I told them all about how I freaked out about Avi’s voice and they told me that they do that everyday still.  I don’t know how much I believe them, but I’m happy that they tried to normalize my reaction at least.  Their dog, Thriller, is also on tour with them and I got to pet him while they signed and talked to us.

Their VIP was much more relaxed than Pentatonix’s and it was nice because I felt like I could calm down and just enjoy myself.  They were super nice and I really enjoyed getting to talk to them.  Then, after they finished up with everyone signing, I had the opportunity to take a picture with them.  Carissa and I walked over before Michael and she asked me my name, and if I wanted to hold Thriller and then we just had a cute little conversation while waiting for Michael.  I told her I was going to steal Thriller and she was like, “that’s ok.  I don’t expect I’ll be keeping him after this tour.”  I bet she thinks one of the members of PTX is going to steal him, which, I wouldn’t be surprised if that happened.  She then called for Michael to come over for the picture and when he didn’t respond right away we both said, “it’s ok.  It can just be a picture of us.”  I kinda laughed when we both said that and then he came over and we got to take the picture.  It felt warmer than the one with Pentatonix.  Maybe because I got to have more of a conversation with them beforehand?  I’m not entirely sure, but I am really excited to see that picture.

After the picture, I told them how excited I was to see them perform and we had a little conversation about that and then they both hugged me and they are amazing huggers, I must say.  Then, all of the VIP members went back up to the main level and we were allowed to go get our seats for the concert.  Emily and I quickly went and bought the merch we wanted and then practically ran down to the pit to make sure we could get good spots.  Thankfully, our other two sisters were already down there and they got spots that were SO CLOSE to the barriers.

For now, that is the end of the story.  I’m not entirely sure if I am going to write and post about the actual concert or not.  What you should know though, Pentatonix and Us the Duo both sound just as good if not better live than they do on their CD’s.  If you ever have an opportunity to see either of them perform live, I would take it.

Until next time,




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