Be-YOU-tiful World: Introduction

Hello all!

This here, is a start of another new series on my blog.  My amazing, intelligent, beautiful little sister Katelyn gave me a very specific challenge that has inspired this series.  As we were driving in the car the other day, she said the following:

“Aly, when you move away, I want to challenge you to make that part of the world a better, more beautiful place.”  She told me that this could be done in many forms.  I can plant flowers or I can do some form of community service or it could be something as simple as just making sure to compliment someone random I meet that day.  Spreading love and happiness is something I, personally, am a huge advocate for and Katelyn has managed to capture this all in one challenge.

With that in mind, I want to dedicate this series to her.  I may end up taking a slightly different direction with this than what she originally gave me, considering I am supposed to keep her updated with how I am doing by documenting it on the blog, but I do plan on doing this.  However, I don’t just want to post about what I’m doing.  That is a really weird concept to me and there are other ways to appreciate the beauty and good in this world than to focus on what I’m doing.

In place of documenting what I’m doing to make the world a better place, I want to write about how I see other people making the world a better place.  That doesn’t mean that I’m not going to work on making wherever I am a better place; but, one person cannot change the world.  This is a group effort and I want to recognize that by writing about what I see others doing to change the world.  Just like my challenge from Katelyn, this could come in many forms.  It could be someone going out of their way to help another person in the grocery store, it could be something I see at school.  I’m not really sure what all will be written about in this series.  All I know, is I have wanted to write about some of these situations before, but I’ve never really felt like this was the best place to do so until now.

Okay.  So, it’s time to stop rambling.  I will save specific stories for a post that doesn’t include this repetitive introduction.  But, I cannot wait to start writing this series!

Until next time,




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