Coffee Dates: Santa’s Stocking

Hello all!

Given we only have 5 days until Christmas (what?!) I thought it would be appropriate to use a holiday themed prompt for this installment off coffee dates.  So, grab your coffee and make sure it’s piping hot because it is super chilly in the North Pole!

Today’s prompt:

You have to stuff a stocking for Santa.  What would you put in it and why?

My, oh my.  How do you even begin to fill a stocking for St. Nicholas himself?  The usual stocking stuffers of candy, toothbrushes, and small little knick-knacks are completely pointless.  He eats tons of cookies on Christmas Eve as he delivers presents to everyone’s house.  I’m sure by Christmas morning he is about ready to puke from all the sweetness.  Granted, a toothbrush may be a good item for his stocking with the amount of sugar he intakes.  I have reason to believe there is a toothbrush wing to the workshop though so there would be no point in me giving him one.  And as for those little knick knacks.  Santa is in the business of making those cheap little toys, he knows they are going to break quickly.  Even he wouldn’t bother playing with them.

Now that my options have been sufficiently dwindled down, let’s see what we can find to put in Santa’s stocking.

#1) Joke book.  The first thing I would put in Santa’s stocking is a joke book.  That way, when he is feeling not so cheery, he can pick himself back up again.  No one can help but laugh at the cheesy jokes they put in those books.

#2) Coal.  Item number two would be coal; just to get back at him for all the years he did that to me. 😉

#3) Mini spa kit.  The third and final item is a mini spa kit.  This may include a bath bomb and a gift certificate for a massage because Santa deserves to relax after he is gone all night delivering presents to children all around the world.

Hopefully, Santa gets to enjoy a peaceful Christmas now too. 🙂

What about you?  What would you put in Santa’s stocking?  Tell me in the comments below.  (No, seriously.  You can even count it as your Christmas present to me if you want.  I love comments.)

Until next time,



One thought on “Coffee Dates: Santa’s Stocking

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  1. I think Santa would like:
    1. Coffee and or hot chocolate to go with all those cookies.

    2. A gift certificate for a relaxing massage after the holidays. I think that would be very soothing after all his travels.

    3. A good book to curl up with beside the fireplace after a long winters night in the cold.

    I really hope he enjoys his gifts.


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