Hello all!!!

Welcome back to another coffee date.  This post requires more creative juices flowing than what I normally do for a Coffee Date so make sure you have had your cup of crazy joe for the day!

Today’s prompt:

If you had to give a character a really, really unusual name, what would you choose and what would it show about their personality?

In the past few months, I have considered the idea of writing a book.  While outlining the idea of the book I was coming up with some character’s names and none of them really stuck.  However, I really like the idea of just coming up with some really random name and just going with it.  That’s the beauty of writing, you have creative control.

I was looking through lists of unusual names and a lot of them just happened to be names of states or colors or names that you have seen in Shakespeare plays.  Looking through those lists did help inspire me though.  Why not just draw inspiration from anywhere and that is where your name can come from?

After that roundabout way of starting to answer the question, I think I would name a character after an unusual name for a crayon.  Maybe something like Mauve or Indigo.  Ok, those aren’t the most unusual crayon names but I couldn’t bring myself to name a character “Mac-and-Cheese Yellow” or “Pretty Lilac”.

To make it even more interesting, I would create a female character with the name Indigo and a male character named Mauve.  It goes against traditional gender stereotypes color wise and although it isn’t necessary to do that, it just adds an extra dimension to the story.  These characters would both be strong individuals that came from very different circles.

Mauve, to me, sounds like a very sad, depressing word.  Just say it out loud.  It just drags out and doesn’t have any redeeming factors to it.  You never associate this word with any happy emotion like we have been trained to do with yellow and sky blue.  Mauve would be a depressed character that happens to be from a rich family (because purple=royalty).  He doesn’t pretend that his family or home life is perfect.  Everyone knows that he doesn’t have many friends and his family is rarely home.  He works 2 jobs just to keep him out of the house and doesn’t like going to school events.

Indigo, on the other hand, would just be a character that has a lot of walls built up around her.  When I think of the color indigo, I think of a deep color that you could swim in for days and still never find your way through it.  She would be a character that took a long time to get to know, but once you figured out who she was, she would be one of the most beautiful people you have ever seen.  You would know that she is a caring, enthusiastic, joyful person who puts up a front in order to avoid getting hurt.  She grew up in a poorer home, but she has always had a strong support system with a mix of family and friends.  She works, but it has always been a necessity for her and she enjoys the act of earning her way through life.

What about you?  If you could name a character (or a kid of your own) any random, unusual name what would it be and why?

Until next time,



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