Coffee Dates: Traffic

Hello all!

You may want to put your coffee in a travel mug for this one because we are going on a little road trip.  Don’t worry.  We aren’t going too far.  Just to the next fork in the road.  (You’ll understand why I used that by the end.)

This weeks prompt:

What traffic sign best reflects your life right now?

I suppose the picture at the top of this post does kind of give away what sign I chose, but I will tell you anyway.  I chose the winding road ahead sign.  Now, as clever as I think I’m being, I know that isn’t true.  Many people have compared their life to a winding road sign before.  It seems messy and annoying and nothing seems to be going the way you thought it would.

For me though, this means a little more.  On my winding road sign there are a few more forks and a lot of rocky places to trek over.  This year is forecasted to bring a lot of change for me.  By a lot of change, I really mean that I plan on moving out of Michigan.  It doesn’t seem like that big of a task when I just write it out like that, but no choices of where I am going to live have actually been made yet and that is scary.  I have a few options and all of them could be amazing.

I am scared out of my mind though.  Just like looking at that scary winding road sign.  I see that and don’t immediately think about the steps I have to take to successfully maneuver the turns, I just jump in.  What I so easily forget is that I have to slow down, assess what is right in front of me, and forget about anyone behind me that could be putting pressure on me to move faster.

This doesn’t mean I am entirely on my own though.  My entire support system is sitting in my car with me and although they may be scared, they will still be there to help me through the tricky maneuvering of life.  Along with my physical support system I have in my best friends and family, I also have God.  Sometimes I have trust issues (or often have trust issues) with Him, but I do know that He is there helping me every step of the way.  He put my entire support system in place as a way for Him to talk to me when I wanted nothing to do with Him.

As I go through the next few months, navigating my way through the winding roads of choosing where to move and go to school, I know that God, my family, and my best friends will be there for me.  They may witness me completely breaking down and wanting to give up, but they won’t let me give up on myself.  Even though they don’t necessarily want to see me go, and I don’t always want to leave them behind, we all know that leaving your comfort zone is always a place for growth and that is something I am beyond ready for.

I’ll see you on the next curve!



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