An Open Letter to Pentaholics

Dear fellow Pentaholics,


I want to thank you for everything you all do.  Over the past year and a half I have grown to love the people in this fandom a lot and it is all because of how we treat one another.  To be a Pentaholic you don’t just listen to and love the music Pentatonix creates.  To be a Pentaholic, you simultaneously protect all the members of the band while throwing as much shade as possible.  To be a Pentaholic, you stand up for what is right and support anyone who is in need.  To be a Pentaholic, means to accept anyone and everyone for who they are, regardless of their religion, sexual orientation, race, gender, mental disorder, or ethnicity.  I see that every single day when I look at this fandom and I love what it is doing.

Speaking purely from personal experience, being apart of this fandom has been one of the few places where I can say I have always felt accepted.  I never feel like I have to be someone I’m not to fit in.  Although I am typically pretty quiet on social media when it comes to interacting with others, I’ve gained confidence to put myself out there and just have conversations with people.  I have learned a lot from many of you over the past year and that is something I could never actually thank anyone enough for.

One of the biggest lessons I learned from you all this past year is how to be a genuinely good friend.  Even if we don’t all know each other that well, we support each other through difficult times, celebrate when life is good, and are there for every day in between.  We live life together and the fact that we have the ability to be so close even though we can live thousands of miles apart is something that puts a smile on my face daily.

Along with making friends on the internet, something that is special about us is that we make an effort to meet each other in person.  In the past 6 months, 2 of my favorite experiences included meeting Pentaholic, internet friends in real life.  It is hard to explain the feeling you get when you are in the presence of people you’ve known for months but have never met.  It’s like you can breathe a little better, your head calms down a little bit, and you are genuinely, 100% happy.  I never had the chance to experience Pentacon, but I’m sure that was that kind of a feeling magnified by 1000.

Now, I am afraid my insecurities are going to creep up on me rather quickly and that I will erase all of this again like I have for the past couple months.  So, before I go let me say thank you one more time.  Thank you Pentaholics for being accepting of everyone, for supporting your fellow Pentaholics when they are down, for celebrating with them when they succeed, and for not giving up on one another.  Thank you for being a safe place for those who need it.  Thank you all for being unapologetically yourselves.  Less confident humans like me really appreciate people like you.

Until next time,



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