Be-YOU-tiful World: Nana

Hello everyone!

It has been quite some time since I have written a Be-YOU-tiful World post.  However, here I am with another installment.

If you are unsure of what this series is, let me explain.  Last December, my sister challenged me to find the beauty in the world no matter where I land.  I decided that in a world full of hate, natural disasters, and crime we need to work hard everyday to not only make the world a more beautiful place, but to also see the beauty that already exists.  Consequently, I started highlighting specific people or groups in a series called Be-YOU-tiful World.

This time, I want to highlight someone who has been there for me my entire life:

My Nana.

Anyone and everyone who meets my Nana will say that she has a heart for God, is super hard-working, and a joy to be around.  She is always willing to lend a helping hand and will be there for you 100% of the time.  She tends to believe that she isn’t that important in many people’s lives even though the opposite of that is true.  I know a lot of people that would say they don’t know where they would be without her.

To me, Nana is all of those things I just mentioned and more.  She has encouraged me through the most difficult times and been my cheerleader during the best times.  She has taught me how to make the perfect pancakes and scrambled eggs, how to be a great listener, and what it means to love God and live a life for Him everyday, even when the going gets tough.  She has always been there for me and my family through thick and thin, and I don’t know how I could ever thank her enough for that.

She has taught me how to stand up for myself, how to stay organized and have a good work ethic.  All of these life lessons and so much more are what make my Nana such an amazing person.  She is one of the few people (along with my parents and a couple close friends) that I feel like I could turn to with any problem I am having and she would first listen, and then give some amazing advice.  She will tell you how it is, especially when you need to change your course of action.  She doesn’t take excuses for not doing something that could have easily been done earlier.  These are just a few of her amazing traits as a human being.

One day, I truly hope to be a human being that is as kind, giving, and hard working as my Nana.  Every time I am around her I try and glean as much as I can from her.  She is so full of knowledge and even to know just a portion of what she knows through experience is something that could help not just me, but everyone.

I wish everyone could get the chance to meet her and know her too because then they would know what it truly means to be blessed by an angel.  She makes the world a more beautiful place just by being herself.

Until next time,





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